Early Years

Report on Philosophy, Goals and Activities in Early Wing


Students in Nursery and Kindergarten find a nurturing, welcoming environment in the classroom, helping them make the transition from home to school. Teachers help students feel valued and listened to and empower them to be successful in their pursuits. We believe that each child is unique and is encouraged to develop at their own pace. The curriculum promotes discovery, wonder, and communication. Students learn in a multi-sensory manner, making learning fun, effective and engaging.

Darshan Academy, Delhi values an enriching, safe and dynamic learning environment for young children. We view children as capable, competent and life-long learners. We believe in holistic education. The curriculum is designed to address all areas of development (spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual) and to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners.

Teachers provide a welcoming environment to students and help them to be empowered, to feel valued, to be listened to, to be competent and successful in school. They foster independence and help children to gain and use skills necessary for working in small groups as well as the class as a whole. Children learn how to function well as group members, how to ask for help and to be helpful, how to complete a task and put things at the right place. Each child is encouraged to move beyond his/her current level of understanding.

Our Values

We embrace diversity

We believe that each child is unique with variety of talents. We hone their skills and promote self-discovery and self-awareness through the power of play. Multisensory approach is followed to build a strong foundation in students.

Lot of opportunities are given to children to explore, investigate, and predict through activity based teaching and learning. Pre Primary education is multi-faceted and constantly evolving. Therefore, teachers are engaged in professional development programmes to discover new insights, and innovative ways of improving both teaching and learning.

Be Good, Do Good, Be One is our school motto which inculcates the value of service to the society and making a positive contribution to the world.

To make learning adaptable, approachable, easier and full of fun we believe that each and every child has his/her own preferred learning style. Therefore, all the four learning styles (Audio, Visual, tactile and Kinesthetic ) are used to make the teaching and learning more effective. Number of opportunities are provided to students through variety of activities

  • Meditation- To develop the power of concentration and be calm and peaceful within and to radiate outer peace
  • Spiritual Curriculum Classes- To develop ethical values, to take care of body, mind and soul, community service and to learn to get well along well with others
  • Hello Time- To provide a welcoming environment and positivity amongst students
  • Stage Exposure- To make them feel confident, be more expressive
  • Sports Competitions- To inculcate sportsmanship and overcome defeat
  • Story of the month, Role Plays and Literary Competitions- To develop effective communication skills, collaborative learning, sense of responsibility and independence
  • Develop fine motor skills through- threading, buttoning, writing, cutting and grasping pencils
  • Physical Activites- To develop gross motor play through. physical games like climbing, throwing, kicking, balancing and lifting etc
  • Co-Curricular Activities- It helps them to develop creative expressions through colouring, music, collage, movement, dance, finger painting, drawing, cutting, pasting and craft work
  • Academic Activities – To develop early numeracy, literacy and environmental sensitivity variety of activities are taken up i.e number and letter fans, ganit mala, ganit rack, abacus, blocks, puzzles, bingo game, hop scotch, letter wheel, pocket chart, sentence cards, story cards, parachute fun, smart board modules etc
  • Recitation and Singing Competitions- To build in vocabulary, correct pronunciation and intonation
  • Celebrations- To develop respect for all cultures, all life and nation
  • Acts of Kindness- Roti bank, Friday collection, Helping, caring and sharing with each other
  • Free Play- To explore the world through experimenting, questioning and curiosity.

All the activities are carried out with an aim to develop a passion for learning and a love of life and to have fun.


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