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The environment and syllabus at Darshan Academy Middle School encourages a positive attitude towards learning. Middle school students increase their academic perseverance and engage in inquiry based learning, critical thinking, and creativity. Lessons may include activities, discussions, role play, group work, presentations, periodic assessments, smart board modules, creating graphic organisers, debates, experiments, and projects to foster understanding and communication. Evaluation is as per CBSE norms.

Darshan Academy is known for its well designed system that fosters both academic and personal growth of Darshanites, so that they can analyze and evaluate their experience, learn to doubt, to question, to investigate and to think independently. Our school curriculum provides and promotes a learning environment based upon developmental readiness, needs and interests. Different approaches are used at Darshan Academy Ludhiana during teaching learning process at middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary level.

It develops intellectual autonomy in young adolescents to interact in heterogonous groups to support the learning of self and others in the same group.

It facilitates students’ engagement during class by designing hands on activities that help students construct their own meaning of the new concept taught in class. Here students socially interact with their teachers and peers through discussions.

Motivation to meet five basic needs - survival, belonging, power, freedom and fun for the young adolescents.

Students take ownership of their learning and they are able to reflect on what they have learned, accomplished or have yet to accomplish. Self regulation is inculcated in their personalities.

A strong, healthy and understanding relationship is developed between a teacher and a student to positively motivate students.

Use of visuals such as Smart boards in the class rooms, well structured activities and research based program help in developing concepts and applications in various subjects, including Mathematics, physics, chemistry, Biology and Computer Lab.

Case studies reflecting real life experiences as a part of Personality Development projects, field trips, parents as guest speakers, peer tutoring, Role play or skits are some of other effective teaching methodologies used in our school. Games and hobbies are also given emphasis to encourage exploration of values, foster imagination and develop physical and athletic skills.

  • To develop cognitive, psychomotor and effective skills
  • To emphasize thought process and reduce emphasis on memorization.
  • To make evaluation an integral part of the teaching learning process.
  • To use evaluation for improving students achievements and teaching-learning strategies on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by remedial instruction.


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