Webinar, “Challenging the Challenges,” at IIT Madras

October 10, 2020

In line with the Covid-mandated transition from in-person programs to online presentations, Darshan Education Foundation hosted a webinar at IIT Madras this past August: “Challenging the Challenges.” In a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented situations, such as lockdowns and the disruption of normal lives by restricting human beings in limited spaces, taking care of mental health and emotional wellbeing are of vital importance. The webinar focused on managing stress and the role of meditation in attaining calmness and clarity. The introduction to the program included a brief description of the role played by Darshan Education Foundation in the holistic development of students. Founded in 1995 by world renowned spiritual Master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, a former student of IIT Madras, students are trained to be citizens of a global community whose prosperity and well-being depend on harmony and co-operation. The webinar presenter, Ms Sharma, was able to interact with participants through a series of questions and answers, delivering a content-rich lecture merging technical details and science. Students learned how meditation can make a positive difference in their life and help them deal with the stress and challenges of life. Participants included engineering students, faculty, administrative staff, and alumni. Students who attended were awarded participatory certificates. Post-class feedback was uniformly positive.


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