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Happy New Year 2021

Thank you to all the Darshan Academy students, teachers and parents and everybody involved in education. This year has been a year of many challenges which everybody has faced around the planet. But our students, parents and schools have embraced these challenges and have come up with positive solutions and new ways of learning. Thank you to all involved in the education process, and for the inspiring way our resilient children have adapted to the new ways of learning. Thank you to the wonderful DA staff who have given creative solutions to provide a supportive learning experience and also to our dear parents for supporting the learning process at home and moving to online learning when it was needed. Darshan Academy will continue to provide successful learning and we look forward to many milestones of achievement in 2021. We wish you a very happy, peaceful, healthy and safe New Year. - Wishes from Darshan Education Foundation -

(January 1, 2021)

Children’s Day and Diwali Celebrations

Festivals are times of joy and celebration. Students at Darshan Academy, Delhi, celebrated Diwali and Children’s Day with full zest and enthusiasm. They sang songs, recited poems, danced, gave story narrations, held quizzes and created cards and posters. A puppet show on ‘Ramayana” was performed. With the message of “Sharing is Caring” they also decorated gift boxes for those in need. No matter how far apart during this pandemic, the virtual celebration made everyone feel close.

(November 22, 2020)

Winners of SDG FEST 2020

The students of Darshan Academy Delhi participated in the SDG FEST 2020 conducted by Ahlcon International School. 40 renowned schools of Delhi participated in the competition. Janvi Bhutani of Nursery and Saksham Khanna of V grade were awarded 2nd and 3 rd prize in their respective categories. Hearty Congratulations to both the students and Ms.Sonali Khanna whose guidance and support brought laurels.

(October 10, 2020)

Webinar, “Challenging the Challenges,” at IIT Madras

In line with the Covid-mandated transition from in-person programs to online presentations, Darshan Education Foundation hosted a webinar at IIT Madras this past August: “Challenging the Challenges.” In a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented situations, such as lockdowns and the disruption of normal lives by restricting human beings in limited spaces, taking care of mental health and emotional wellbeing are of vital importance. The webinar focused on managing stress and the role of meditation in attaining calmness and clarity. The introduction to the program included a brief description of the role played by Darshan Education Foundation in the holistic development of students. Founded in 1995 by world renowned spiritual Master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, a former student of IIT Madras, students are trained to be citizens of a global community whose prosperity and well-being depend on harmony and co-operation. The webinar presenter, Ms Sharma, was able to interact with participants through a series of questions and answers, delivering a content-rich lecture merging technical details and science. Students learned how meditation can make a positive difference in their life and help them deal with the stress and challenges of life. Participants included engineering students, faculty, administrative staff, and alumni. Students who attended were awarded participatory certificates. Post-class feedback was uniformly positive.

(October 10, 2020)

Art Integration Activities in Accountancy and Business Studies

Art Integration projects incorporated by CBSE were taken up in XI grade at Darshan Academy Delhi. The students of XI grade, Commerce section integrated art work in Accountancy and Business Studies in the form of puzzles, posters and rangoli.

(October 10, 2020)

Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teacher's Day! Thank you for your exemplary dedication, kind words, motivation, interactive online lessons, enjoyable classes, commitment and work during this challenging year. We honour you and thank you for helping our students grow and making a positive impact in their lives.

(September 5, 2020)

Creative Spelling, Delhi

Pre-primary children at Darshan Academy, Delhi learned and enjoyed writing their names by doing paper tearing and pasting activity in their art and craft online class.

(August 18, 2020)

Darshan Academy, Delhi, Word Families Activity

The pre-primary students at Darshan Academy, Delhi prepared beautiful reading booklets of word families in their English online classes under the guidance of their class teacher, Ms. Meenakshi Bhatia. This activity not only enriched their interest in reading, but also kept them engaged in meaningful learning to enhance vocabulary and reading skills.

(August 18, 2020)

Darshan Academy, Delhi, Friendship Day Celebration

"Friends are the people who make you smile brighter, laugh louder and live better." Friendship is a divine relationship, which is defined by neither blood nor any other similarity. To help understand the value of friendship, kindergarten students at Darshan Academy, Delhi prepared beautiful cards for their friends along with a wonderful dance performance.

(August 18, 2020)

Healthy Living through Meditation

Healthy Living through Meditation All the Darshan Academy teachers and administrators from around India, participated in an online talk on 28 July 2020. The topic of the talk was "Healthy Living through Meditation." The session was very beneficial for finding calm during the stress caused by the pandemic. Participants meditated together during the online event and learned the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through meditation. The event was organised by Darshan Education Foundation.

(August 17, 2020)


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