Co-Curricular Activities

Darshan Academy offers a wide range of co-curricular activities for its students. These activities complement and enrich the academic syllabus. Students participate in a variety of games and sports events. They are encouraged to express themselves through various art forms and develop their creative talents.

They display their dance and acting skills in the Annual Day and other yearly celebrations. Students enhance their literary talent by contributing to the school’s magazine “Darshanika”. They engage in various activities to show their respect and love for people from all walks of life and the environment during selfless service projects in the community.

Darshan Academy has four houses, to which each student belongs to. Inter-house activities, morning assemblies and competitions create an opportunity for students to learn teamwork, new skills, and cooperate with other students. Our students regularly participate and excel in inter-school competitions at the regional and national level. Summer Hobby Classes offer students a broad choice of activities to participate in. Excursions and educational trips are organised by the school to deepen the students’ experience and knowledge. All these co-curricular activities enrich the all round development of the students.


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