Our Clubs

Darshan Academy Delhi runs eleven junior clubs for students of grades 3 to 5, and thirteen senior clubs for students of grades 6 to 11. The aim is to bring out the hidden talents of the students to hone their skills as per their interest. Various activities, like educational excursions, competitions, community service,workshops and presentations in assembly are organized each year according to the action plan prepared at the beginning of each session. Teachers train and motivate students to take part in different competitions at zonal, state, and national level. Students are encouraged to be responsible citizens, and each club engages in a community service project to develop the virtues of selfless service and compassion.

Eco Club

Eco Club conducts various activities and competitions related to environment. Students adopt a park and look after plants.

Literary Club

Literary Club develops good conversational and expression skills in the students by carrying out various activities and competitions.

Interact Club

Interact Club members visit people in need, like old age home , rehabilitation center and extend a helping hand in case of natural calamities like earthquake , flood etc

Art Club

Art Club conducts art classes for students on regular basis after school hours, organizes various competitions like interschool painting competition, teaches art & craft, best out of waste , and special art classes to students in homes run by NGO's.

Music Club

Music Club conducts classes for students on regular basis after school hours, organizes various competitions , and members give performance in old age home.

Dance Club

Dance Club conducts classes for students on regular basis after school hours, organizes various competitions, and prepares students to give performance.

G.K. Club

G.K. Club carries out G.K. quizzes, visits, interviews, surveys, and activities to sensitize students about general knowledge and current affairs.

Math Club

Math Club develops mathematical skills, mental math skills, competitions, prepares students for Math Olympiad, and teaches basic mathematical concept to children in need.

Health Club

Teaches first Aid to students, organizes medical check up for parents, students, children of juvenile centre and celebrate Red Cross Day.

Sports Club

Sports Club conducts sports related activities, sports competitions, organizes Para-Olympics for disabled children and special classes for children of economically weaker section of society .

Discovery Club

Discovery Club develops scientific skills and approach among students by carrying out various experiments & activities, prepares students for Science Olympiad & NTSE.

Heritage Club

Heritage Club carries out heritage walk, quiz, and adoption of monuments etc. activities to sensitize the students about the heritage of India. Students have adopted Tripolia Gate.

Computer Club

Computer Club conducts competitions and computer training, and organizes computer courses for children of economically weaker section of society.

Reading Club

Students in the reading club are exposed to number of innovative activities in order to not only enhance their reading & listening skills. But also improve their vocabulary.


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