Workshops & Seminars

Integral to the education of students is professional training for the teachers and administrators. Throughout the school year, teachers attend in-service training, workshops, seminars, and learn hands-on approaches to mastering new teaching techniques.

Trainers also model the new approaches so that teachers can witness their effectiveness in the context of their own classroom. Workshops are held on learning styles, accelerated learning techniques, the spiritual curriculum, and on many other topics and subject areas. Leading experts from the field of education are regularly invited to share their knowledge.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s meetings with the students, teachers, principals, staff, and members of Darshan Education Foundation guide everyone with loving support and deep wisdom. His inspiring words give teachers a sense of the noble task they have before them in raising students to their highest potential in all spheres of life.

His practical guidance and inspiration has illuminated Darshan Education Foundation’s journey from its first school to opening many schools around the world. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj places great emphasis on teachers being a living example and model of the values they wish to inculcate in their students.

Support materials and resources are provided to help make teaching easier and more effective. Administrative training helps principals and supervisors better assist teachers in new teaching strategies. On-going training is provided for new teachers. Teachers are given opportunities to work together and share their ideas and methods.

Teacher training and staff development is an essential element in the success of the Darshan Academy schools where learning is valued from the level of the principal to that of the teachers and students.


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