To enhance learning opportunities for all children by recognising each child’s unique individuality, academic, social and cultural strengths and interests.

Our students follow a full academic program designed to meet state and national accreditation standards. They take courses in science, social science, math, reading, writing, spelling, language arts, literature, communication skills, and computer technology. Students are taught to be proficient in reading and writing in English as well as the country’s official language, and a third language where required by national standards. Students receive instruction in the fine arts, music, poetry, drama, and creative writing.

They participate in physical education, sports, dance, and athletics. They attend health and safety classes to learn the proper care of their body, good health habits, nutrition, safe living, and disease prevention.

The curriculum is of the highest quality and students are expected to achieve the maximum standard of academic excellence. In India they are prepared for the secondary and senior secondary C.B.S.E. examinations.

Saints, seers and spiritual Masters tell us that the key to outer peace lies deep within each of us and that by developing our whole being, we can find lasting peace and radiate it to others. By providing children with such a foundation, their education takes on a new meaning and gives them the tools to truly succeed in all spheres of life.


To heighten self-awareness and enhance self-esteem through acceptance.

Practical learning

To encourage the children to be responsible for their own individual.

Open school

To encourage every child to express their individuality appropriately.

Community involve

To provide inclination towards positive contribution to society

Online resources

To provide opportunities for involvement in a wide range of resources available

Plan and details

Outdoor learning and tending to our school garden is a big part of day.

Debate Competition

An inter-house debate competition was held in Darshan Academy, Delhi, on January 24, 2023. All four houses participated enthusiastically. The competition was divided into three rounds. The topics of the first two rounds were “Social media is the leading cause of violence” and “Books provide better 

Blessing Ceremony for XII Grade Students

Grade XII students of Darshan Academy, Delhi, received the blessings of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj through a message on May 5, 2022, during the Blessing Ceremony held at its premises for the CBSE Term-II examination that would commence on Saturday,  May 7, 2022.  The 

Computer Skills Program

Everybody should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think. Darshan Academy, Delhi’s computer science program students develop coding skills from a very early age. Students are taught to code with the help of simple puzzles, flowcharts and algorithms and solve