Our Clubs

Darshan Academy believes in providing overall development of our students. Each student of Darshan Academy from grade III onwards, is a member of one of the 13 senior and 10 junior clubs running in the school such as Paryavaran (Eco Club), Shakti (Sports Club) and Discovery (Science Club), etc. They get an opportunity to take up a hobby or activity of their choice and to hone their skills. These clubs help students to bring out hidden talent and hone up their skills. Various activities like, educational excursions, competitions, community service, workshops and presentation in assembly are organized each year according to the action plan prepared in the beginning of each session. Teachers train and motivate students to take part in different competitions at zonal, sate, and national level. Students also get an opportunity to plan and be a part of ‘Kirpal Week of Loving & Kindness’, wherein they come forward to serve the community by doing various selfless services. By adopting the principle of serving society selflessly we can create a heaven on the Earth.

Paryavaran (Eco Club) conducts various activities to spread awareness about the environmental issues through role plays, poster making, nukkad natak, cleanliness drive, anti-polythene bag campaign etc. Conducts special assemblies like “Van Mahotsav”. Students got an opportunity to serve the community by doing various selfless service deeds such as going to the orphanage ‘Holy Cross Social Service Center’, spending time with the unprivileged kids and sharing items of their need such as biscuits, juice, bornvita, milk powder, porridge, poha etc. Students built an emotional bond with the kids and promised to visit them in future. They also visited Outram Line slum area to donate stationery items, chocolate, frooti and orange.

READING CLUB inculcates healthy reading habit amongst the students through various innovative and interesting activities. Conducts competition with the help of club students to improve reading skills and create awareness about the importance of books & need to care for books. The winners were given some prizes and certificates for the competition held at Book Fair and in the academy. The students shared their views about the club and submitted the given format and made a collage for the same as well. The students showed their keen interest in attending meetings and attempting the competitions. In order to serve the society, students were encouraged to donate books and established a library in 2018 at Prayas Orphanage-NGO. The same was updated with many new books. These books included various story books also as asked by the children of Prayas. Not only this, reading activities were also conducted with the children which they thoroughly enjoyed. Being a part of these activities & donating books, our students have learnt & understood the importance of books & inculcated the value to share & care.

CYBER HUB (Computer Club) Creates awareness on the current trends in computers & technology and Cyber world. Sensitizes students towards the social responsibilities and make them vigilant about cyber crimes through posters, presentation, web pages and questionnaire. Students sharpened their skills on various applications like: Tux Paint, Scratch, HTML etc. They shared their views regarding ways to be secure while using phones and internet and discussed the various ways to create awareness about Cyber World among the school students. To sensitize the students about serving the community and generated the feeling of love and kindness towards the society, the Cyber Club organized a visit to Khilona Bagh for “Cyber Crime Awareness” kids and made them aware about the precautions and measures they should take while using mobile phones and Internet. They also informed the locals about potential frauds occuring over the smart phones and over Internet. The camp was concluded by distributing computer books to the children.

SHAKTI (Sports Club) conducts sports related activities, sports competitions and organizes para Olympics for disabled children. Every year organizes a day of sports and recreation for slum children which eliminates the discrimination among children and unites them to enjoy such activities. Activities for special and deaf were organized in school campus. Upasana special school and Sahas special school children were invited for the activities which are planned for the children keeping in mind their needs and made the underprivileged children feel equal. The club tried to develop motor skills through various activities like target game, balancing activity, ball throw, shuttle run etc. Victory Ceremony is conducted to conclude wherein specially abled children given prizes/medals to encourage and motivate them to participate in sports. Refreshment & a small gift is also given by the students as a token of love.

INFINITORIUM (Math Club) provides a platform for students to discover the importance of mathematics, develop mathematical skills and enhance their creativity. Organizes various activities like puzzle activities, riddles, tangram activity, making rangoli design, magic squares and poster making competition. Students got an opportunity to visit slum area near Outram line, Kingsway camp to donate towels, handkerchief, soaps, stationery items and eatables to poor and needy people. They were also told about importance of health & hygiene, cleanliness, importance of education and discipline. Students also sung song for them and played games with them.

KALAKRITI (Art Club) organizes coloring & painting competition and teaches various art & craft items like newspaper envelopes, newspaper caps, flower making, card making, clay work, t-shirt printing and best out of waste in an art workshop conducted for children at PRAYAS. Spark of happiness could be seen in their eyes which were hungry for learning new things. Students donated colors, sketchbooks, t -shirts painted by art club students, socks, towels, pencils, chocolates, biscuits. This act of kindness was very peaceful and hope to conduct these type of art workshops for underprivileged children to have a peaceful world. Students also went to slum area of Model Town to donate eatables like chips, chocolates and biscuits and the making of newspaper bags.

SUR TAL (Music Club) conducts music classes for students on regular basis. Organizes various competitions, give performance in old age home. Makes them aware about the various Sargam in music and gives practice on regular basis with instruments. Children were taught patriotic, devotional and prayer songs in both English and Hindi. They have learned few songs like Subha savere lekar tera naam prabhu, Hey Matro Bhoomi tujko hum karte barambar pranaam, Salaam un shahido ko jo kho gaye, Suraj ki garmi se and Gayatri Mantra. Students prepared few songs for a musical Programme for orphanage children and they also distributed food items to them on the occasion of Kirpal Week of Loving Kindness.

RANGKARMI (Literary Club) conducts various activities to develop good conversational skill and confidence. Prepares advertisements on social issues “Save Trees Save Life”, “Car Pooling”, “Save Water” etc. with a jingle and organizes declamation to give chance to speak on different current topics. To serve the community students visited to Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and Nanak Pio Gurudwara to distribute woolen clothes, stationery and food items like bread pakora to needy people. They also did Nukkad natak in front of them. The students successfully brought a smile on their faces. By doing this act of kindness the members of literary club felt inner joy and happiness.

SANRAKSHAK (Health Club) conducts various activities to give knowledge of first-aid which promotes the sense of safety and well-being among people. Not only the medical help they provided, but the confidence they exhibit was very helpful during causalities, which is being stressed upon in conduct of activities in Health and First aid club. Gives basic knowledge of ABC i.e. Airway, breathing & circulation and prepares first-aid box. Organizes medical check up for parents & students and conducts awareness Programme about health & hygiene in slum areas.
Distribute warm clothes in winters in backward areas. Provide biscuits, juices and healthy food to the needy people and hygiene articles like soap, oil, detergent, pulses, flour, shampoo etc. to the slum people. Students got an opportunity to visit an orphanage and distributed pulses, flour, shampoo and clothes.

INTERACT CLUB develops the skill of critical thinking through debates, discussion, poster making and slogan writing. Prepares various attractive and appealing postures and presents roleplays & street plays to spread awareness about social evils in a more meaningful way. During festive season, students decorated diyas and candles and distributed them in the nearby slums. Students also visited an orphanage where they donated various eatables and many other things of daily use. They spent time with the children living there and enjoyed a lot. They also visited Missionaries of Charity, Civil Lines and donated detergent powder, milk powder, toothpaste and biscuits. They also performed puppet show and alphabet game.

SANSKRITI (Heritage Club) carries out presentation by making model of different monuments and role plays on conservation of heritage sites. Involves students in Cleanliness Drive & various other activities geared towards heritage awareness. Gives opportunity to students to explore the living heritage of India, adopted Tripolia Gate, visited Ugrasen ki Baowli and through various activities. To serve the community they visited ‘Under Bridge School’ under Yamuna Bank metro station and Nirankari Colony Holy Cross to donate They donated books, eatables, soap, toothpaste and stationary items. They sang a song for them and also taught them mathematics. Students felt really happy and content after seeing smiles on the faces of those children.

DISCOVERY (Science Club) conducts various activities to enhance scientific aptitude of the students and for improving the condition of our environment through debates, JAM session and posters. Prepares science toons and Ad mad designs to display the future science technology. To serve the community they went to Khilona Bagh & Model Town slums for welfare of the slum dwellers to sensitize them towards the importance of maintaining their personal hygiene and health. Students demonstrated the proper way of washing the hands and distributed them soap and shampoo for maintaining their personal hygiene. They also organized science quiz for the school going students in the area and gave them prizes for correct answers.

SPARK (G.K Club) conducts quizzes, discussion related to science & technology, sports, history, politics, literature etc. activities to sensitize the students about the general knowledge, news and current affairs. Students served the community by donating stationery items, books & eatables in slum area near Model Town and Azadpur. They created general awareness among people through Nukkad Natak and also made them aware about the importance and right of voting.