Art Spectra Project Week

In the current pandemic situation Darshan Academy, Delhi is trying to make every effort to ensure that learning should not be disrupted. Our commitment is to protect the health of our community and keep our little ones engaged with productive work. Keeping this in mind and to celebrate the unity in diversity in our nation and to enhance the bonding between the two states, Delhi and Sikkim, Darshan Academy, Delhi organised an Annual Project Week on the theme “ART SPECTRA” for three days with one day of virtual exhibition. Students from nursery onwards explored and compared different types of culture, festivals, food and dance forms of both the states Sikkim and Delhi. Rock stars of Kindergarten prepared beautiful photo albums, mobile hangers, face masks and jewellery of Sikkim. Students performed stunning Sikkim folk dance to highlight their culture, costume and jewellery. On exhibition day parents visited virtually in their ward’s class. They were delighted and extremely proud to see the work. Students spoke lines related to their activities and teachers showed videos and PPTs of students to the parents. In a nutshell, parents, teachers as well as students were very happy with the hard work done during the Annual Project Week. It enhanced their bond of love among the teachers, students and parents. 

" You cannot change your future, but, you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future."