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Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s love knows no bounds. The pre-primary wing at Darshan Academy, Delhi, celebrated Mother’s Day. Ms. Mamta Sabharwal (HOS) welcomed all the magnanimous mothers. The program progressed with various fun-filled activities to show the love and bond between mother and child, such as a mother-child 

International Labour Day Celebration

Darshan Academy, Delhi, observed  International Labour Day on May 1, 2024, to honor the ‘dignity of labour’. The essence of the assembly was equality and the significance of every occupation. The event began with a thoughtful message, followed by a hilarious Nukkad Natak and a 

Painting of Trees

Students of Darshan Academy, Delhi, came together to blend art with nature, promoting messages of peace, harmony, love for nature, and meditation through painting on trees. During the brainstorming sessions, students focused on quotes related to peace, harmony, and nature, which were later incorporated into 

Stress Relief for Senior Students 

Ms. Charnita, a psychologist from Sweden, conducted a stress relief workshop for senior students at Darshan Academy, Delhi, on April 26, 2024. The aim was to equip students with strategies to manage stress, mainly targeting the vagus nerve, the body’s longest nerve. The workshop covered 

Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Two days of Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for School Teachers and Innovation Ambassadors was organized on April 9 and 10, 2024, jointly by the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC), AICTE, NCERT and CBSE 

ICSI Commerce Olympiad 

We are pleased to inform you that commerce students in grades XI and XII of Darshan Academy, Delhi, recently participated in the ICSI Commerce Olympiad. This is the world’s biggest online Olympiad, organized by Hummingbird Education Limited, a leader in organizing Olympiads. We take immense 

 Alumini Meet 2024

The Alumni Meet 2023-24, organized by DESA under the principal,  Ms. Mamta Sabharwal, and senior coordinator, Ms. Bhavna Arora’s guidance, was a lively sundowner event on March 30, 2024. The day started with enthusiastic preparations, creating a warm and charming atmosphere at the venue. Alumni 

Orientation Program for Parents of Nursery

Darshan Academy, Delhi, embarked on a journey of learning with its new nursery class orientation. The orientation program for parents of nursery students was held on March 29, 2024. This program aimed to acquaint parents with the school’s ethos, curriculum, and approach to early childhood 

Time Management

In a session facilitated by Mr. Gaurav Arora, PGT Psychology and School Counsellor, along with Ms. Anuja Rithalia, Special Educator, the topic of time management was explored. The session began with the impactful quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Never leave till tomorrow that which you can 

Praveshika Camp

A three-day dynamic training camp titled “Praveshika” for students of grades II to VII was organized by DA Delhi and the Hindustan Scouts and Guides Association. Around 110 students participated in this programme. The inaugural ceremony, marked by the hoisting of the scouts and guides