Poetry Fest 2020

Poetry is a wisdom language because it relates the experiences and observations of human life and the universe around us. It gives an insight into the inner workings of the mind and feelings of the heart. Darshan Academy, Delhi planned to sway hearts by organising Poetry Fest 2020 for students as well as teachers and parents. The students had to clear two rounds before reaching the final round. From the budding young minds to the experienced elders, everybody came up with beautiful poems. Passion oozed out of the words and the participants captured various topics well.  It was a very tough competition and the judges found it very difficult to decide the winners. It was a great tribute to the great poet, Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj and all in attendance hoped that such events happen more often to keep the spirit of poetry alive in the soul.

" You cannot change your future, but, you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future."