State Level Children Science Congress

Darshan Academy believes in holistic education wherein the students are trained to be high achievers, critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students are encouraged to identify the environmental problems in today’s world and find solutions with a scientific approach to promote sustainability for all. To overcome the problem of vehicular pollution in Delhi, a project titled “The Marvel Ink: From Pollution to Solution ” was undertaken by Tushar Chopra and Sarthak Sahu of Grade XII. The project highlighted the ways of conversion of air pollutants from vehicles to usable ink which can be used for filling cartridges and in canvas. The project included research work, survey in workshops and garage, interview of mechanics, collection of data, graphical analysis of collected data,  experimentation and awareness campaign in the neighbourhood areas on collection and generation of wealth from waste.

The project was initially presented at zonal level children science congress. The jury members liked the concept and the project was selected for district level. Out of 210 teams at district level, 58 teams were selected in state level. Out of 58 teams in state level, only 8 teams across Delhi were selected for national level and Darshan Academy, Delhi is one of them.

The 30th National Children’s Science Congress is scheduled to be held in Ahmedabad from 27 January 23 to 31 January 23. Ms Monika Sachdeva, the guide teacher has been selected by the NOSCTC to escort Delhi team as a state representative.

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