Cultural Heritage

Darshan Academy, Delhi, hosted a captivating demo lecture by the renowned Kathak dancer, Ms. Priyanka Kapil, from India International Rural Cultural Centre. Ms. Mamta Sabharwal, HOS, and Ms. Kiran Khanna, the primary wing coordinator, graciously welcomed the event. Ms. Kapil, adorned in a vibrant costume with hints of gold, beautifully exemplified the regal essence of Kathak dance. She astounded her audience by elucidating the fundamentals of this classical art form, including the rhythmic beat sequences that propel her performances and the significance of the ghungroos (anklets) gracing her feet. Moreover, she adeptly demonstrated various Mudras, elucidated the nuances of different Taals, and highlighted the distinctions between Kathak and other dance forms, leaving the students utterly enthralled by the grace and elegance of her performance. For an entire hour on that Thursday afternoon, Ms. Priyanka Kapil Sharma and her team from the India International Rural Cultural Centre showcased their remarkable expertise. To conclude the event, Ms. Mamta Sabharwal, the vice principal and head of the school, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Priyanka Kapil and her talented team. She acknowledged the profound impact of the performance, emphasizing how it not only showcased the beauty of Kathak but also conveyed the deeper connection between dance and the human soul. Ms. Sabharwal commended the students for their enthusiastic participation. She encouraged them to continue exploring the world of art and culture, reaffirming the belief that “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

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