National Level Orientation Camp for English Teachers -2023 

Darshan Education Foundation, known for its distinctive approach to education, recently organized a workshop for English language teachers from its 23 Darshan Academy schools across India. The workshop aimed to enhance the communication skills of teachers and promote innovative teaching methodologies to align with the global significance of the English language.  The workshop commenced with great enthusiasm, marked by a lamp-lighting ceremony during the inaugural session. Distinguished dignitaries, including Shri. Ramanujam Meganathan, Prof of Eng from NCERT, Mr. Anil Kumar Tripathi from Neuberg, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Education Officer-DEF, Mr. A. David, Regional Head, and Mr. Rakesh Sharma, LMC and management committee member, graced the occasion.  Chief Guest. Shri. Ramanujam Meganathan set the tone for the workshop, emphasizing the global importance of the English language. He advocated for innovative, activity-based learning and diverse classroom techniques to enrich students’ learning experiences.


1. Phonetic and Grammatical Accuracy: Mr. Anil Kumar Tripathi conducted a comprehensive session exploring phonetic and grammatical accuracy, providing valuable insights into language nuances.

2. Innovative Methodologies and Lesson Planning: Ms. Bhavna Arora and her team from DA Delhi conducted sessions on creative methodologies in prose teaching and effective lesson planning in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The emphasis was on a learner-centric approach and competency-based education.

3. Writing Skills Using CODER Strategy: The DA Meerut team led a session on writing skills using the CODER strategy, providing insights into creative writing techniques.

4. Reading and Speaking Skills: Ms. Swati Rai from Macmillan conducted a session aimed at elevating the reading and speaking skills of learners, providing participants with tools and activities to enhance these capabilities.

5. Reinforcement and Inspiration: Mr. Unnikrishnan, the Education Officer, focused on the reinforcement of teachers, emphasizing their ability to change narratives and inspire and groom students.

6. Interaction with Shri. Sachdeva: Participants had the opportunity to interact with the esteemed President of Darshan Education Foundation, Sh. Ashwini Sachdeva. Discussions centred around strategies to increase student talk time (STT), promoting student engagement and participation.

The two-day workshop proved to be an enlightening experience for all participants, fostering collaborative learning and advancing English language teaching methodologies. The diverse range of sessions, interactive activities, and expert insights contributed to the professional development of English language teachers associated with Darshan Academy schools. The workshop showcased the institute’s commitment to excellence in education and its innovative approach to empowering educators.

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